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ALA Eye Creme

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                                                Eyes That Show & Tell


Eyes are the windows to the soul but, they can also tell a story.

Skin around the eyes can show the first signs of aging due to many causes and point

tp signs of underlying health imbalances as well as sleep disturbances.

starting as early as the 30's eye area is a number one client concern.

 Noticing Fine lines, wrinkles, under eye bags, dark circles as well as sagging eye lids  can suddenly make you seek out a solution to help

I'm happy to say Your on the right path

This professional formula was specifically made for aging skin around the eyes.

Designed to nourish and hydrate the delicate thinner skin around the eye and can even be applied to the neck area.

It incorporates age busters like Matrixyl® (Peptides), Co-Q 10, Mushroom Extract, Vitamin K and Arnica Extracts.

These chosen ingredients are known to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles,puffiness and dark circles, while lifting and firming the skin.